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Amoxil Amoxil is a potent antibiotic used to treat a wide variety of bacteria-induced infections, including bladder infections, ear infections, gonorrhea, pneumonia, salmonella or E.coli infection. You need to discuss with your doctor any medical conditions you have or used to have, including liver or kidney disease, mononucleosis, diarrhea caused by antibiotics, allergy, blood clotting or bleeding disorder. Patients having phenylketonuria should be aware of the fact that the chewable form of this medicine may contain phenylalanine. To benefit from this drug you need to take the entire amount prescribed even if the symptoms improve after just a few days. Feeling better does not mean the infection has been completely treated.


Side effect of Amoxil are rare and include vaginal itching, vaginal discharge, "hairy" or swollen tongue, vomiting, nausea, stomach pain, white patches inside your mouth (thrush). Sometimes antibiotics cause diarrhea. In some cases diarrhea may also be a sign of new infection, especially if it has blood in it. Call your doctor if you notice this symptom and do not start using any medicine to treat it before talking to your health care provider.

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